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Laser Dentistry

Laser DentistryLaser dentistry continues to find new applications after two decades of use. In addition to having cosmetic and restorative value, laser dentistry is used to eliminate abnormal growths in the mouth. Here is more about how lasers are used by dentists on the cutting edge of dental technology.

Many people are familiar with the use of lasers in medical cutting and vaporizing procedures. In dentistry, lasers are used in this and several other ways. For example, lasers can be used to cut tissue samples for cancer testing in biopsy procedures. Our Los Angeles laser dentistry expert can use lasers to eliminate decay before filling a tooth as well as to harden the filling after placement. In root canal therapy, our dentist may use a laser to remove bacteria and improve the chances of the procedure being successful. When gum disease necessitates removal of gum tissue, lasers can be ideal cutting tools. Finally, our expert in laser dentistry in Los Angeles may use lasers to activate teeth whitening products and boost results.

Laser Dentistry Los Angeles

Laser dental treatment offers a variety of advantages to patients. For example, anesthesia is sometimes unnecessary when certain procedures are performed using a laser instead of conventional tools. In soft tissue treatments, lasers often reduce the swelling and bleeding that can occur afterwards. Because lasers are extremely precise, risks of bacterial infection are often reduced. When our Los Angeles laser dentistry expert uses lasers during filling procedures, healthy tooth structure is often easier to preserve thanks to extreme precision. In many cases, lasers are used alongside drills and other tools as part of a wider treatment approach.

Laser treatments used by our expert in laser dentistry in Los Angeles can be divided into soft tissue and hard tissue categories. Hard tissue treatments include those affecting the teeth, such as cavity elimination and filling placement. Soft tissue procedures include soft tissue removal for sleep apnea treatment as well as removal of tumors. For more information about the benefits of laser dentistry and to schedule a consultation, patients can contact our Los Angeles female dentist.



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